Monday, January 24, 2011

Movies of 2011 That May Flop

...based off their trailer.

After sitting in a movie theater, and watching countless bad movie trailers wondering if anybody would really see these movies. I decided to come up with a list of movies upcoming in 2011 that have the potential to flop, particularly based off their trailer... so far (As not all movies of 2011 have trailers for them).

Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son (Feb. 18)
It's the third in the series... haven't even seen any of them, but the first two Big Momma's House movies, are a couple of the lowest rated films in history getting 30% and 6% tomatoemeter respectively. Despite this feat, they have done considerably well, making about $300 million combined.

The Adjustment Bureau (Mar. 4)
I actually thought this movie could be cool... kind of The Matrix meets Dark City. However, upon further review it feels a bit off, and may miss an audience. It was also supposed to come out last September (if i remember correctly).

Thor (May 6)
I'm sorry Marvel fans, but this looks like a puke-fest of visual effects... Maybe the trailer is just bad, and here's to hoping the movie is great (go Kenneth Branagh!). This is a very expensive risk for Paramount pictures.

Priest (May 13)
The same director as Legion, and like that movie, Priest has a weird target audience that looks expensive in overused visual effects. Paul Bettany is great, but I don't think these movies will do anything for him.

Green Lantern (June 17)
Another puke-fest of visual effects and a very overdone cheesy trailer. I like what director Martin Campbell brought to the Bond franchise, but Green Lantern may be an expensive misfire for Warner Brothers.

Zookeeper (July 8)
Kevin James is great, but I've seen this film before when it was called Jumanji, Night at the Museum, and Night At the Museum 2...

The Smurfs (Aug. 3)
It was supposed to come out December 17, 2010, then pushed to July 29, 2011, then pushed again to August 3rd. Hrmm... A potential Christmas movies pushed to an August slot. Oh yeah, the trailer doesn't really make me want to see it either.

Real Steel (Oct 7)
I am not sure if this movie even has an audience. A live action version of Rock'em Sock'em Robots? Hrmmm...

The Darkest Hour (Dec 23)
Maybe it sounded better on paper, but seriously, the effects looks like an After Effects plugin.

more to come...

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