Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rango Ready to Fire Up the Box Office

Rango and a few other movies hit the box office this weekend.

Hit Factor: Nicely animated, Johnny Depp, well marketed and getting decent reviews so far.
Flop Factor: Not a Disney or Dreamworks animation.

The Adjustment Bureau

Hit Factor: Dark City meets The Matrix, meets a political thriller.
Flop Factor: It looks like Dark City meeting The Matrix meeting a political thriller.

Take Me Home Tonight
Hit Factor: They have been running commercials for this movie for a long time.
Flop Factor: There's been so many of these type of comedies (ala Judd Apatow movies).


Hit Factor: Teenage girls may want to see this.
Flop Factor: No any one else.

My Predictions:

The Adjustment Bureau
Take Me Home Tonight
Hall Pass
Weekend Gross (millions)

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