Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast Five Drives into the Box Office

The ultimate Fast and the Furious cast is back for another round, along with a couple forgettable films.

Fast Five

Hit Factor: The cast from most of the Fast and Furious, plus The Rock. Surprising, 83% tomatometer so far.
Flop Factor: A fifth in the series? Can it really be that good?

Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil
Hit Factor: it's a sequel... so someone thought it would make money.
Flop Factor: I had no intentions on seeing the first one... Another animated movie called, Rio is doing well at the box office.

Hit Factor: Low budget
Flop Factor: No major (or recognizable) stars.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Hit Factor: Built in audience.
Flop Factor: Built in audience maybe too small, and most people probably wouldn't pay to see this in theaters.

My Predictions:

Fast Five
Madea's Big Happy Family
Water for Elephants
Hoodwinked Too
Weekend Gross (millions)

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