Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rio vs Scream 4

It looks like a big weekend ahead as two big new movies open this weekend, making it tough to guess which one will come out on top.


Hit Factor: Already made over $50 million in foreign box office during it's opening weekend.
Flop Factor: Maybe not up to par with Pixar or Dreamworks animation.

Scream 4
Hit Factor: It's been Eleven years since the last Scream, and fans want to be scared again.
Flop Factor: The trailer doesn't do anything for me... and Eleven years is a long time for an "okay" franchise.

The Conspirator
Hit Factor: Robert Redford directing
Flop Factor: Robert Redford's last movie, Lions for Lambs, didn't do well at all.

My Predictions:

Scream 4
Soul Surfer
Weekend Gross (millions)

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