Thursday, September 29, 2011

50/50 vs Dream House vs What's Your Number?

A few new movies open this weekend... looking to dethrone The Lion King 3D (I'm guessing they're still keeping it in theaters, right?).


Hit Factor: Good reviews (currently 88% on rottentomatoes). Undoubtedly seems like a good movie.
Flop Factor: This Dramedy looks more like an indie film with big stars in it, than a big Hollywood flick.

Dream House
Hit Factor: The trailer looks surprisingly good. Director Jim Sheridan, directed My Left Foot and In the Name of the Father.
Flop Factor: Seems way out of the director's style to do this film. No early reviews, meaning Dream House wasn't properly screened for critics... so er maybe terrible. Wait, upon scanning wikipedia this was posted:
Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and director Jim Sheridan (Who had the film taken away from him by Morgan Creek Productions to implement their own cuts and changes) disliked the final cut of the film so much that they refused to do press promotion or interviews for it. --- That sucks.

What's Your Number?
Hit Factor: Anna Faris is likeable.
Flop Factor: Keep forgetting the title to her movie.

My Predictions:

The Lion King (3D)
Dolphin Tale
Dream House
Weekend Gross (millions)

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