Thursday, February 23, 2012

Act of Valor vs Good Deeds vs Wanderlust vs Gone

A slew of movies hit theaters this weekend... will there be another surprise big weekend?

Act of Valor
Hit Factor: Actual Navy Seals in a movie about Navy Seals
Flop Factor: Early reviews have been terrible.

Hit Factor: a low budget film.
Flop Factor: Marketing for this movie is fairly weak (Didn't even know this movie was coming out).

Good Deeds
Hit Factor: Tyler Perry still has some branding with his movies.
Flop Factor: His branding name has slipped in the past few movies.

Hit Factor: A comedy from the Judd Apatow group.
Flop Factor: The commercials don't really look appealing.

My Predictions:

Act of Valor
Good Deeds
Safe House
The Vow
Weekend Gross (millions)

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