Thursday, March 8, 2012

John Carter vs The Lorax

A few new movies open this weekend, each trying to capture The Lorax's box office gold.

John Carter

Hit Factor: Disney is throwing a lot of money into this film, a lot.
Flop Factor: And they still don't know what audience they are marketing this film to. Could see a lot of jobs lost over this film. Disney execs must be sweatin' over this reported $250 million movie without an audience.

A Thousand Words

Hit Factor: Eddie Murphy had a slight, I mean slight, revival last year with Oscar talk and that Tower Heist film.
Flop Factor: Will this movie actually get audiences to go and see it?

Silent House
Hit Factor: Low budget.
Flop Factor: Another scary movie that takes place in a house.

My Predictions:

The Lorax
John Carter
Project X
Silent House
A Thousand Words
Weekend Gross (millions)

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