Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cabin in the Woods vs Three Stooges vs Lockout

A few new movies hit theaters this weekend, each trying to take The Hunger Games from it's three week throne. BTW, April looks fairly weak, movie wise... So it's the best time for a breakout hit, right before the big movies of May start to roll in.

The Cabin in the Woods
Hit Factor: Very positive reviews for a Horror film (92% on rottentomatoes).
Flop Factor: Will this critical acclaim win over an audience?

The Three Stooges

Hit Factor: Most people know of the original Three Stooges.
Flop Factor: This looks really bad. The Farrelly brothers did this film? really?

Hit Factor: ?
Flop Factor: Don't really know what this movies is about nor that it was coming out this weekend.

My Predictions:

The Hunger Games
Cabin in the Woods
American Reunion
Titanic 3D
The Three Stooges
Weekend Gross (millions)

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