Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of Watch vs Dredd 3D vs Curve vs House at the End of the Street

A chunk of new movies hits theaters this September weekend.

End of Watch
Hit Factor: From the writer of Training Day - if that makes a big difference.
Flop Factor: This also looks like that movie Street Kings, which didn't do that well... This just in, it's the same director... This guy sure likes to make L.A. police movies.

Dredd 3D
Hit Factor: It's surprisingly getting good reviews (85% tomatometer so far).
Flop Factor: For a big action film, the marketing seems underwhelming.

Trouble With The Curve
Hit Factor: Clint Eastwood movies are usually good.
Flop Factor: The last few Eastwood movies haven't really moved me to go and see them in theaters, this one is no exception.

House at the End of the Street
Hit Factor: No reviews, yet. Meaning no bad reviews to sway the audience, yet.
Flop Factor: No reviews yet.

The Master
Hit Factor: Record debut last weekend on only 5 screens.
Flop Factor: Will the general public flock to see this film?

My Predictions:

End of Watch
Dredd 3D
Trouble with the Curve
The Master
Resident Evil: Retribution
Weekend Gross (millions)

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