Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cloud Atlas vs Silent Hill 2 vs Chasing Mavericks vs Fun Size

Cloud Atlas and other films hit theaters this weekend.

Cloud Atlas
Hit Factor: Wachowski's are visionary. It looks like a big budget risk, with an idea that's different.
Flop Factor: As a result, target audience for this film is very narrow, in relation to it's huge budget.

Silent Hil: Revelation
Hit Factor: This is the time of year to release scary films.
Flop Factor: Buzz on this film has been very low, so probably not even close to Paranormal Activity expectations.

Chasing Mavericks
Hit Factor: Could be good.
Flop Factor: For some reason I thought it was a documentary.

Fun Size
Hit Factor: Probably really low budget.
Flop Factor: Didn't laugh once during the trailer.

My Predictions:

Cloud Atlas
Paranormal Activity 4
Silent Hill 2 
Hotel Transylvania
Weekend Gross (millions)

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