Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jack Reacher vs This is 40 vs Guilt Trip vs Monster's Inc 3D vs The Hobbit

A bunch of new movies hit theaters this weekend, looking to capitalize on the upcoming Holiday Season early.

Jack Reacher
Hit Factor: Looks like an enjoyable Tom Cruise flick.
Flop Factor: Still not sure if he fits that role.

This is 40
Hit Factor: It looks funny.
Flop Factor: Judd Apatow movies, while good, most people just wait for the video release these days.

The Guilt Trip
Hit Factor: If you have to take your mom to the movies...
Flop Factor: The trailer seems very safe and bland, even for a movie starring Seth Rogen.

Monsters, Inc. 3D
Hit Factor: This movie is great.
Flop Factor: Do we really need more old movies converted to 3D just for the sake of it?

My Predictions:

The Hobbit
Jack Reacher
Monsters, Inc. 3D
This is 40
The Guilt Trip
Weekend Gross (millions)

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