Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Movie Mini Reviews

Here's my list of and ratings of all the movies of 2012.
I will update this list as much as possible.

Skyfall: B+
Moonrise Kingdom: B+
Django Unchained: B+
The Dark Knight Rises: B+
Life of Pi: B
Zero Dark Thirty: B
The Avengers: B
The Perks of Being a Wallflower: B
Chronicle: B
21 Jump Street: B
Snow White and the Huntsman: B
Argo: B
ParaNorman: B
Hitchcock: B
Frankenweenie: B
Madagascar 3: B
The Hunger Games: B
Silver Linings Playbook: B
Safe House: B
The Hobbit: B
Prometheus: B
Wreck-It Ralph: B
The Impossible: B
Jack Reacher: B
Looper: B
Ted: B
Katy Perry: Part of Me: B
Flight: B
Cloud Atlas: B
End of Watch: B
Secret World of Arriety: B-
The Bourne Legacy: B-
Pitch Perfect: B-
The Expendables 2: B-
The Grey: B-
Les Miserables: B-
Brave: B-
Magic Mike: B-
Rise of the Guardians: B-
Dark Shadows: B-
Taken 2: C+
The Amazing Spiderman: C+
Men In Black 3: C+
Wrath of the Titans: C+
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: C+
The Master: C+
John Carter: C+
Act of Valor: C+
Safety Not Guaranteed: C+
Casa De Mi Padre: C+
Haywire: C
Battleship: D

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