Thursday, February 14, 2013

Die Hard 5 vs Beautiful Creatures vs Safe Haven vs Escape From Planet Earth

A bunch of movies hit theaters this weekend, being Valentine's and all.

A Good Day to Die Hard (Seriously why don't they just call it Die Hard 5 already?)
Hit Factor: Strong franchise...
Flop Factor: The Planet Hollywood club hasn't been doing well so far this year (Arnold's and Stallone's movies have flopped miserably). Also, this Die Hard is getting some of the worst reviews of the year so far (Yes, a current 7%(you read right, 7%!!!) tomatometer).

Beautiful Creatures
Hit Factor: Based off a series of somewhat successful books.
Flop Factor: I keep thinking this has something to do with the Peter Jackson movie, Heavenly Creatures, but it doesn't.

Safe Haven
Hit Factor: Love story on Valentine's...
Flop Factor: I seriously have no idea what this movie is about... does it have something to do with The Notebook and all those other films?

Escape From Planet Earth
Hit Factor: No animated flick competitors.
Flop Factor: Isn't this around the time when that animated movie Mars Needs Moms came out? If so, it might not bode well for this film.

My Predictions:

A Good Day to Die Hard
Beautiful Creatures
Identity Thief
Safe Haven
Escape From Planet Earth
Weekend Gross (millions)

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