Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer vs 21 And Over vs Last Exorcism 2

A few new movies hit theaters this weekend.

Jack the Giant Slayer
Hit factor: There is no competition. Early reviews are actually better than expected.
Flop Factor: Well... It doesn't have a strong target audience... reportedly cost around $200 million... Got pushed from last Summer's line up. Originally called Jack the Giant Killer, but changed to Giant Slayer as to not be so violent sounding, and appeal to a wider audience... People are already buzzing John Carter when talking about this film.

21 and Over
Hit Factor: Probably really really low budget.
Flop Factor: There is no name stars on this film... riding only on "from the creators of The Hangover."

The Last Exorcism Part 2
Hit Factor: Scary movies tend to make their money back, because they're relatively cheap.
Flop Factor: There has been way to many scary movies already released this year, and I always forget there were.

My Predictions:

Jack the Giant Slayer
21 and Over
The Last Exorcism 2
Identity Thief
Weekend Gross (millions)

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