Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Croods vs Olympus vs Admission vs Spring Breakers

A few new movies hit theaters this Spring Break weekend looking to dethrone Oz The Great and Powerful

The Croods
Hit Factor: Hasn't been an animated feature in some time... Getting pretty good early reviews (81% tomatometer)
Flop Factor: Really didn't think this movie would have an steam, until I saw the positive reviews.

Hit Factor: Tina Fey movies are usually fun.
Flop Factor: Early reviews haven't been as positive as one would expect from a Tina Fey film.

Olympus Has Fallen
Hit Factor: Gerald Butler is the only man that can United States.
Flop Factor: Umm... there's the whole logistics and ridiculousness plausibility factor.

Spring Breakers
Hit Factor: Got some positive reviews.  Girls in bikinis.
Flop Factor: I have feeling people that want to see the movie because of the poster maybe disappointed.

My Predictions:

The Croods
Olympus Has Fallen
The Call
Weekend Gross (millions)

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