Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Conjuring vs Turbo vs Red 2 vs R.I.P.D.

A slew of new movies open on this random Summer weekend.

The Conjuring
Hit Factor: Getting good reviews for a Horror movie.  Last minute buzz could bump it like The Purge earlier this Summer.
Flop Factor: Horror movies usually are only good for one weekend.

Hit Factor: Dreamworks seems to have gotten the right formula for animated films.
Flop Factor: I feel this movie is released too close on the heels of Despicable Me, while Monsters University is also still hanging around.

Red 2
Hit Factor: The cast
Flop Factor: I honestly didn't think the first one wasn't that great... this one looks less interesting.

Hit Factor: It cost a lot of money.
Flop Factor: Take the plot from Men In Black and instead of aliens, make them ghosts... Swap Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

My Predictions:

The Conjuring
Despicable Me 2
Red 2
Pacific Rim
Weekend Gross (millions)

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