Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elysium vs Planes vs We're The Millers vs Percy Jackson 2

A bunch of new movies hit theaters this August weekend.

Hit Factor: District 9 was a great movie
Flop Factor: While early reviews are good, it's not as grand as District 9.

Hit Factor: It looks like Cars.
Flop Factor: Pixar not involved, and it's a Cars rip off that was supposed to be straight-to-video.

We're The Millers
Hit Factor: No other adult comedy out.
Flop Factor: The trailer doesn't really grab you or make you laugh.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Hit Factor: The first film showed some fan following.
Flop Factor: I'm not sure that following is big enough to warrant a sequel.

My Predictions:

2 Guns
Percy Jackson 2
We're The Millers
Weekend Gross (millions)

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