Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kick Ass 2 vs Paranoia vs The Butler vs Jobs

A bunch of new movies hit theaters this weekend in August.

Kick Ass 2
Hit Factor: It probably didn't cost as much.
Flop Factor: I found the original intriguing but slightly underwhelming.

Hit Factor: Harrison Ford vs Gary Oldman
Flop Factor: Looks like something you'd watch just because it's on TV.

The Butler
Hit Factor: It has the Oprah bump.
Flop Factor: Are people ready to get serious as the Summer Movie season comes to close.

Hit Factor: Interesting to see the rise of Apple.
Flop Factor: I think we're all waiting for Aaron Sorkin's version.

My Predictions:

Kick Ass 2
The Butler
We're The Millers
Weekend Gross (millions)

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