Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anchorman 2 vs American Hustle vs Saving Mr. Banks vs Dinosaurs vs The Hobbit 2

Here comes the onslaught of movies for the Holiday Season.

Anchroman 2: The Legend Continues
Hit Factor: The first Anchorman is pretty damn funny.
Flop Factor: Will Ferrell hasn't exactly been box office gold lately.

American Hustle
Hit Factor: Getting a lots of awards nominations.
Flop Factor: There are a lot of movies out.

Saving Mr. Banks
Hit Factor: Also, getting some awards nominations.
Flop Factor: Could get lost in what's becoming a crowded movie market.

Walking With Dinosaurs
Hit Factor: Hit factor there is no other Dinosaur movie out at the moment.
Flop Factor: Tough market, families may still want to watch Frozen or maybe The Hobbit sequel.

My Predictions:

The Hobbit 2
Anchorman 2
American Hustle
Saving Mr. Banks
Weekend Gross (millions)

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