Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can You Believe The Wolf of Wall Street Has a Grudge Match with Walter Mitty and his 47 Ronin?

I see what you did there. Basically a bunch of movies hit an already crowded multiplex this Christmas Weekend.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Hit Factor: Positive reviews, getting some award season buzz.
Flop Factor: About 3 hours long.

Grudge Match
Hit Factor: The right idea, to the right audience... However...
Flop Factor: The right idea can only take you so far... and so far the reviews have been bad.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Hit Factor: Looks good.
Flop Factor: For a movie that looks like it should be getting awards notice... it isn't.

47 Ronin
Hit Factor: Neo (I mean) Keanu saves the day again.
Flop Factor: Where do I start?

Justin Bieber's Believe
Hit Factor: Tweenage girls
Flop Factor: Who else would pay to see his movie?

My Predictions:

The Hobbit 2
Wolf of Wall Street
Anchorman 2
American Hustle
Walter Mitty 
Weekend Gross (millions)

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