Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 Movie Mini Reviews

Here's my review for the movies of 2013 that I've watched.  Some obvious omissions, but I'll update it.
What are your favorites of 2013?

Gravity: A-
The Wolf of Wall Street: B+
Dallas Buyers Club: B+
Elysium: B
We're The Millers: B
Star Trek Into Darkness: B
Philomena: B
Captain Phillips: B
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: B
Rush: B
This Is The End: B
Pacific Rim: B
12 Years A Slave: B
Ender's Game: B
The Wolverine: B
Monster's University: B
42: B
Man of Steel: B
Despicable Me 2: B
World War Z: B
The Great Gatsby: B
Mud: B
Her: B
Fast and Furious 6: B
The Lone Ranger: B-
Thor: The Dark World: B-
The World's End: B-
Oblivion: B-
Warm Bodies: B-
Now You See Me: B-
Fruitvale Station: B-
American Hustle: B-
Blue Jasmine: B-
Epic: B-
Inside Llewyn Davis: B-
Olympus Has Fallen: C+
Iron Man 3: C+
Oz The Great and Powerful: C+
G.I. Joe: Retaliation: C+
Pain and Gain: C+
The Last Stand: C+
Jack the Giant Slayer: C
Turbo: C
The Croods: C
The Hangover: Part 3: C
Identity Thief: D

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