Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jack Ryan vs Devil's Due vs The Nut Job vs Ride Along

A slew of movies hit theaters this January weekend.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Hit Factor: The Jack Ryan movies have been all entertaining.
Flop Factor: Jack Ryan probably isn't as popular as Jason Bourne these days.

Devil's Due
Hit Factor: Great viral Demon Baby marketing
Flop Factor: However, like last year's great Carrie viral video, it didn't really make people want to see the movie.

The Nut Job
Hit Factor: No new animation movie playing.
Flop Factor: People rather see Frozen again.

Ride Along
Hit Factor: They seem to be promoting this movie for a while now.
Flop Factor: Early reviews haven't so amazing.

My Predictions:

Ride Along
Shadow Recruit
Lone Survivor
Devil's Due
Weekend Gross (millions)

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