Thursday, February 13, 2014

Robocop vs The Lego Movie and a Bunch of Romance Films

An 80's Sci-Fi remake battles a bunch of Romance movies this Valentine's Day Weekend, but will probably out Legoed.

Hit Factor: I like the director's Brazilian films.
Flop Factor: I've read that the director had a terrible time making Robocop.

About Last Night
Hit Factor: Kevin Hart seems to be the it guy of the moment.
Flop Factor: No reviews yet.

Endless Love
Hit Factor: I don't even know.
Flop Factor: What is this movie?

Winter's Tale
Hit Factor: See above
Flop Factor: A movie that has Collin Farrell, Jennifer Connelly and f***ing Russell Crowe has zero marketing. Means that Warner Bros. is taking a quiet dump and sweeping it aside as quickly as possible.

My Predictions:

The Lego Movie
About Last Night
The Monuments Men
Winter's Tale
Weekend Gross (millions)

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