Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar

I don't really do movie reviews, but since I got a sneak peak of this film, why not?

Yes, there are probably spoilers in this review.

Interstellar is one of those movies where people will absolutely love this film and others will absolutely hate it.  If you are expecting Gravity-like action and mindless popcorn fun, you'll be disappointed (I enjoyed Gravity, btw). Running at almost 3 hours long, Interstellar is much more a drama with some action sequences. It's cast is perfect. Matthew McConaughey has been making great and bold choices as of late. And you also probably want to bring a tissue or two, as there a quite a bit of tear-jerky moments.

My biggest complaint was that when it ended, I didn't feel the sense of "hell yeah!" satisfaction. There was something that I felt was off about the movie, but I couldn't figure what it was.  There was applause, but it was a spattering of applause in that packed house.  Maybe the story or the character choices were a bit weird.  Maybe the A-list cameo in the late 2nd act, while awesome in the beginning, turned into a scene that reminded me too much of the cameo Tim Robbins did in War of the Worlds, the point at which I thought that film turned from awesome to sour.

The music, which is great and very non-Hans Zimmer like, jumps out at you more than the characters who are speaking. In fact there were some scenes where I couldn't understand what was being said (I think Christopher Nolan likes doing this ala Bane in The Dark Knight Rises). I thought I was zoning out or something, but eventually you understand what's been said as the story unfolds into the next sequences… and you're like "oh."

The 3rd Act brings upon a deeply 'meta' moment which works, but also feels a bit off at the same time. However, I'm still on the fence about that thought because maybe… just maybe… I have to watch this film again to fully digest it.

Now with these cons, you'd think I didn't like this film.  However, there is a great deal to like about Interstellar. As noted above, the cast is great everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Jessica Chastain to the girl who plays the younger version of her (Mackenzie Foy). Nolan is also known for his grand scale, and it doesn't fall short here.  The VFX and cinematography is amazing, I'd be surprised if this doesn't win or at least get a nod when award season comes around.  Interstellar has to be seen on the big screen just for the fact that there are shots where the space ship is a but a speck on screen passing a massive planet which that would look terribly bad on blu-ray. So if you're going to see this film anyway, I'd see it in the theater. IMAX preferably, and get a good seat.  Now on the IMAX note, I thought this entire film was shot on IMAX, it's not, but a good chunk of it is, though.

My quick comparisons to this film are 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sunshine, a little bit of Terence Malick, and a dash of Gravity.  It's a movie that I don't think the general public will necessary like.  But I hope they do because Hollywood needs to make more movies like this rather than milking franchises that have long passed it's prime.

 Grade: B

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