Thursday, December 25, 2014

Unbroken vs Into the Woods vs The Gambler

A few new movies hit theaters in wide release this Christmas weekend… Also, The Interview gets put back into theaters, but limited.

Hit Factor: Looks like a formulaic story of hope that's ripe for the Holidays.
Flop Factor: Seeking awards contention but just might outside of that group.

Into the Woods
Hit Factor: After watching The Battle of Five Armies, families may want to watch this film. Going for the Alice in Wonderland crowd.
Flop Factor: Looks somewhat expensive.

The Gambler
Hit Factor: For the adults that don't want to see Unbroken.
Flop Factor: Seems like a movie that should have come out in September or October.

My Predictions:

Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies
Into the Woods
Night at the Museum 3
Weekend Gross (millions)

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