Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fantastic Four vs Shaun the Sheep vs Ricki and the Flash vs The Gift

Can Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation hold on to the number one spot with a slew of August movies entering theaters this weekend?

Fantastic Four
Hit Factor: Biggest named superheros to not get a decent film.
Flop Factor: May still have to wait as it's early reviews are bad, yes, as bad as the two other films Fox made (18% tomatometer).

Shaun the Sheep
Hit Factor: Complete opposite reviews of Fantastic Four (99% tomatometer).
Flop Factor: It isn't Disney, Dreamworks, or Fox.

Ricki and The Flash
Hit Factor: Meryl Streep
Flop Factor: Has that "I guess I'll watch it, since it's on TV and I'm bored" feel.

The Gift
Hit Factor: Surprisingly good early reviews (94% tomatometer).
Flop Factor: Trailer makes it look terrible.

My Predictions:

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Fantastic Four
Shaun the Sheep
The Gift
Ricki and the Flash
Weekend Gross (millions)

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