Thursday, March 24, 2016

Batman v Superman vs My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 vs Zootopia

Zootopia may finally end it's box office reign as two iconic superheroes finally meet in an epic movie.

Batman v Superman
Hit Factor: Batman and Superman in  the same movie!
Flop Factor: This movie needed to please the fans and provide a good launching pad for the DC universe... However, with early mediocre reviews (42% Tomatometer), this could be a troubling start for the planned franchise.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Hit Factor: The first one made over $368 million worldwide off a $5 million budget.
Flop Factor: No one asked for a sequel... to a movie that's over 14 years ago.

My Predictions:

Batman v Superman
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Divergent: Allegiant
Miracles from Heaven
Weekend Gross (millions)

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