Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pete's Dragon vs Sausage Party vs Florence Foster Jenkins vs Suicide Squad

A few new movies hit theaters this weekend, possibly taking the top spot from Suicide Squad.

Pete's Dragon
Hit Factor: Positive early reviews (84% Tomatometer), family friendly Disney.
Flop Factor: Buzz seems a little low compared to other Disney flicks. Kids are starting to go back to school.

Sausage Party
Hit Factor: Good early reviews (90% Tomatometer). Adults have been waiting for a dirty raunchy animated movie...?
Flop Factor: Just waiting for parents to accidentally take their kids to this film.

Florence Foster Jenkins
Hit Factor: Meryl Streep. Good reviews.
Flop Factor: Dropping an awards type movie at the end of Summer.

My Predictions:

Suicide Squad
Pete's Dragon
Sausage Party
Jason Bourne
Bad Moms 
Weekend Gross (millions)

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