Thursday, February 23, 2017

Get Out vs Collide vs Rock Dog

A bunch of new movies hit theaters this weekend... trying to take LEGO Batman from the top spot.

Get Out
Hit Factor: Low budget Horror/Thriller getting positive early reviews (100% Tomatometer).
Flop Factor: From Jordan Peele, yes of Key and Peele... however, his comedic style translates well to Horror.

Hit Factor: Not much competition this weekend.
Flop Factor: Marketing seems a bit low for this movie... like the studio has given up.

Rock Dog
Hit Factor: Ummm?
Flop Factor: Seems like they didn't know where to dump this in the movie schedule... unfortunately, LEGO Batman is still running strong.

My Predictions:

Lego Batman Movie
Get out
Fifty Shades Darker
John Wick 2
The Great Wall
Weekend Gross (millions)

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