Thursday, February 22, 2018

Annihilation vs Game Night vs Every Day vs Black Panther

Black Panther looks to defend it's throne as a few new movies are released this weekend.

Hit Factor: Positive early reviews (94% Tomatometer).
Flop Factor: Paramount isn't confident in the film... so much so, that they sold Netflix most of the international rights.

Game Night
Hit Factor: Surprisingly positive early reviews (88% Tomatometer).
Flop Factor: Seems like an "okay" movie that one might watch on video rather than the theater.

Every Day
Hit Factor: Based off of a book.
Flop Factor: Will enough teens come out and watch this romance story?

My Predictions:

Black Panther
Game Night
Peter Rabbit
Fifty Shades Freed  
Weekend Gross (millions)

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